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All Church Meeting Resources

If you were unable to attend our all church informational meeting regarding the changes in the United Methodist Denomination, the forming Global Methodist Denomination, and what this means for you and our church, you can access the written resources and recap video here.

Recap Video

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Introduction

0:43 - Question 1 - Is the United Methodist Church Splitting?

2:25 - Question 2 - How did we get here?

3:00 - Global Methodist Formation Reason 1

3:40 - Global Methodist Formation Reason 2

4:00 - Question 3 - What is the United Methodist Denomination's stance on sexuality, marriage, and ordination?

5:49 - Question 4 - Where is the accountability in the United Methodist Denomination for those who intentionally break the discipline or partake in civil disobedience?

8:05 - Question 5 - Is the United Methodist Church changing its doctrine away from traditional orthodox beliefs?

10:30 - Question 6 - What do we do if we feel God calling us to not be United Methodist?

2:03 - Question 7 - What is the direction and trajectory of Kearney First United Methodist Church?

16:47 - Questions 8-10 - Why do we do these things? Where do we do our missional work? Who are we being this community for?

Having trouble watching the video? Click the button below to watch it on YouTube!

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