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Health and Wellness Ministry

What is the Health and Wellness Ministry?

The Mission of the Health & Wellness Ministry at First United Methodist Church, is to serve the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the congregation and the wider community we serve. Below you will find the various offerings the Health and Wellness Ministry hosts throughout the year!

Health and Wellness Offerings

Refocusing Widows

Refocusing Widows encourages women to embrace their present situation, heal through the grief, and dream again about what God has next for them.

Kearney Annual Alzheimer's Walk

Kearney annual Alzheimer's Walk takes place every fall!

Skin Cancer Screening

Free skin cancer screening is available for a month during the summer.

Healthy Discussions

Free classes on identifying, identify, understanding, and responding to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders in adults and children.

Seasonal Blood Drives

Seasonal blood drives hosted by the Health and Wellness Ministry at the Red Cross.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Free colorectal cancer screening kits are available during the month of March.

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