East Lawn January 2017 Update

January had 253 families visit the pantry which served 762 individuals. With the repeat visits, the pantry served 601 families. Since this is the end of the last quarter of the year, since October, we have served a total of 840 families and 2530 persons.

The pantry would not be able to function without the many volunteers who give of their time and energy to make the pantry work. December helpers were: Jerry Ingram, Artie Hobbs, Jack Potts, Linda Knipping, Sharon Kizer, Nancy Weber, Glen Powell, Jim and Sue Grove, Peggy Miller, Barb Naber, Neil Hickman, Sheryll Hickman, Jerry Marlatt, Colleen Gage, Pete Ludowese, Barb Siedenburg, Herbert Craig, Bonnie Mumm, Rich and Phyllis Fusby, Donna Roeder, Colleen Hopkins, Harry Staab, Floyd Butterfield, and Rod Murrish. Wayne Olson has a crew of volunteers to help him pick up the food items from the grocery stores around Kearney. Here is a list of those volunteers: Frank Sherman, Pete Ludowese, Marv Dawes, Brandon Leonard, Zander Mais, Nate Talbert, Christine Olson, Tiffani Olson, and Charlie Svoboda. This is an everyday event so without Wayne and their help, the food pantry would not be able to operate.

If you would like to help at the pantry or at another location, like the church sorting food, or visiting the grocery stores, please call Mel Wiens, 627-9853 (c), or 236-7095 (H). General information is available from the church office, 237-3158, or from Rod Murrish, 440-3263.

Del Hemsath