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It has always been part of God’s plan to have kids in the church. Jesus was dedicated in the temple as a young child and was comfortable enough there. He spent two days in the temple during a trip as a child. It’s our goal that this church be just as inviting. We want to help in the spiritual development of our children and encourage you to help out as well. We are a Safe Sanctuaries church meaning all staff and volunteers that work with youth are asked to take training and pass background checks. We are always looking for volunteers in our children’s programs. If you would like to help out in some way, please feel free to call Jeanine Spangler at the church office, 237-3158 or email her at

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Building the church of tomorrow by deepening the walk of youth is the mission of FUMC’s youth ministry. It is the transition from Sunday school faith to church leader that is the ultimate goal of our program. The middle school and high school years are when many make a personal decision to accept or reject Christ.

It is also the time where busy sports schedules, boyfriends and girlfriends and peer pressure really kick in. Through a mix of biblical teachings, lessons applicable to today’s tweens and teens, and numerous activities, we strive to help youth include Christ in their lives. We offer a variety of weekly programs as well as service opportunities and chances to attend conferences, leadership trainings and mission trips all over the country.

While we encourage regular attendance, who we reach with our ministry fluctuates constantly as schedules change. We hope everyone feels welcome whenever they can be here.

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