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Heart for the Hungry

Help the children, youth, and Pumpkin Patch Daycare gather non-perishable food items for the East Lawn Food Pantry! Donations can be dropped off in any of the group's decorated donation boxes in the Gathering Area.

Join the children, youth, and Pumpkin Patch Daycare through the month of February as they gather non-perishable food items to restock the East Lawn Food Pantry in our Heart for the Hungry mission. They will be in a competition to bring in the most items and need your help! Bring your food items to the Gathering Area and place them in the children's, youth's, or Pumpkin Patch's box. We will stack the food on the altar rails throughout the month as a visual in the competition. Food items will be taken to the pantry at the end of the month. Thank you for helping us in our mission to restock the pantry shelves!

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