Rev. So Yeong Son

Associate Pastor

So Yeong has been an Associate Pastor since July 2018.
I was born to a Christian family in South Korea. When I was 17 years old, I felt and heard God’s call to be a pastor. Shortly after feeling God’s call, I went on a mission trip to the Philippines. It was during this time that I recognized the importance of preaching and sharing the Gospel to not only Korean people, but also people in other countries as well.
My realization of the importance of preaching and sharing the Gospel led me to the study of theology. As a result, I received a bachelor’s degree in Theology and master’s degree in the field of pastoral care and counseling in South Korea. And then, as soon as I was able, in fall of 2010, I came to U.S. to study theology in English. I studied at the Saint Paul School of Theology in Kansas. In 2015, I completed and graduated the Master of Divinity course of Theology.
After studying at the seminary in South Korea I worked as an education pastor at a couple of churches in South Korea. In addition, I worked as a storytelling instructor at various educational institutions including an elementary school, a library, a social welfare center and a multicultural family center in South Korea. In the three years after graduating from Saint Paul School of Theology, I served at Neodesha United Methodist Church in Kansas as a pastor.